Saturday, January 24, 2009

African Sunshine

Today was the first day in at least a week I went outside and saw the sun.  It was definitely Africa hot.  Maybe 95-100 and the sun felt like it was 6 inches off of the back of my neck.  It hurt.

A fire drill was the occasion.  Nothing less would've pulled me out of my cave.  Been working hella long hours every day, trying to solve the myriad problems on a very complex project of a type we've never done before as a ship, or company.  It's challenging, but 18 hour migraine headaches are only interesting for a day or so.

I read in the Yahoo! news that just North of us in Nigeria, it was reported that one of two guys caught stealing a car, turned into a goat when cornered.  I think the goat was charged with auto theft.  Yes, interesting times in West Africa folks and don't trust the goat-man.

The only other interesting thing of note out here is that tonight at dinner I learned that if you smother half a lobster in cheese, it's hard to tell that it's been in the freezer for 18 months.

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