Sunday, January 25, 2009

In which only some manage to escape

Today, one one of the screens in the instrument room, several of us watched choppers taking off and landing on the vessel next to us.  We are using multiple vessels on this particular operation and one is always a few hundred yards off our beam.  We have a remotely operated camera trained on it and watched them leave.  Watching on a screen and listening to the comments of people around me, reminded me of watching some sort of old WWII escape movie.  Except at the end, I'm still stuck here.

The high point of my day has been a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich made with a stale bun.  Good times.


Rita Arens said...

I wonder if escape from a cubicle could be so interesting?

Mr. Bud said...

peanutbutter. see movie "meet Joe Black" I think in the collection. Chick flick. loved the peanutbutter thange.

Nothing here. Mama bear is/was sick, lil pirate all better and full of beans (poor pirate dog), 200" of snow and counting (fuck), so, life is well, life.

me? I work. nuff said.