Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to sea

Got my flight details and about 60 pages of handover notes, procedures and work instructions, today.  Major downer.  No good news anywhere!  The 60 pages mostly detail problems and outstanding issues I'll face, beginning Friday when I arrive.  I suppose, the flights were good news in that they are all KLM flights, except for a charter from London to Luanda.  At least I'll add a few thousand frequent-flyer miles to the old NW account before it becomes a Delta account as the merger progresses this year.  I'm giong to see if I can't wrangle first, or business class out of them, too.  I hate dealing with cattle class when traveling half way around the world.

Anyway, this morning I got in an excellent workout, but since then it's been laundry, stoking the wood stove and wading through my handover documents.  All in all, not a stellar day.  It's getting colder and snowing like hell.  Hope the weather is better in your neck of the woods!

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