Tuesday, January 13, 2009


At best is what I am the day before I ship out for parts unknown.  Today was no exception.  I spent the morning sorting paperwork, reading procedures, emailing back and forth with my oppos on the ship, charging batteries, packing, etc.   At 1:45pm I went out and started up PW's SUV in preparation to run errands, pick up LP from school, and take her to a doctor's appointment in town.  I haven't driven my pickup truck much, lately, so I started it and let it warm up.  It was -5 this morning.

After some last minute running around, PW and I finally left the house and completed the aforementioned errands and appointments.  At 4:45, as I drove to the mall for an appointment with my barber, I realized I left the pickup running in the driveway.  Shit.

I estimated that I had less than a quarter tank of gas when I started it.  It gets probably 10 MPG idling, which must equate to 10 GPH, or Gallons Per Hour.  I arrived home expecting the truck to have run out of gas with a dead battery from running the fan I left on defrosting the windshield.   It was still running, had over a quarter tank of gas and I never turned on the defroster, at all.  The windshield was still frozen solid. 

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