Thursday, January 8, 2009


Dug that bastard snowblower out of the waist-deep snow with the help of my nephew.  It was hermetically sealed under a tarp, which was frozen to the ground but we finally cleared all the snow and used a 6-foot pry bar to break it loose.  Then we had to pull it through 20 feet of waist deep snow to get it to the driveway where I could plug it in and try the electric start.  Fired right away, despite not being used in a couple years, so that was cool.  About an hour later I went back out to haul in firewood and while chatting with the neighbor, watched several fire trucks drive by.  We followed in his truck and spent the next hour watching one of our neighbors house burn to the ground.  Major bummer-most likely a chimney fire, given the cold temps and number of people up here that burn wood-like me.

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