Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Woke up late and very tired this morning.  Got a surprise when I entered the mess for breakfast.  Normally, the cooks make these white beans in tomato sauce that the Brits like to put over toast.  They look somewhat like baked beans, but taste like shit.  This morning, I find a big pan of re-fried beans!  Now, I loves me some re-fried beans, so I pass on the oatmeal and yogurt and make a huge plate of garlic rice smothered in re-fried beans, with some scrambled eggs. 

I sit down at a nearly full table and scoop a bunch of my frijolies into my mouth and gag.  Unknown to me, everyone else at the table was watching, intently.  They all wondered what the dark brown slop was and were excited to see me try it.  Turns out I had smothered garlic rice in chocolate rice pudding. I threw out my plate and went back to oatmeal and yogurt.  And that is how my day started out, today.

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