Sunday, January 4, 2009

snow, snow, snow

All I had to do was wake up and make a dentist appointment yesterday.  From the minute I got up, things began to conspire against me.  Descending the stairs in the morning, I heard somebody running water in the kitchen, except I was the first one up and there warn't nobody in there.  Yep, the hot water, no less, was running at about half of full blast.  Baffled, I went to turn it off, but it was off.  Fuuhhhck.  Valve under the sink, frozen.  Double-fuck.  Broke the handle off trying to get it to turn.  Ended up using a pair of robo-grip pliers on the bastard.  Took a very brief and cool shower goddammit, then nuked a cuppa day old joe.  Couldn't stoke the woodstove as it was full of ash from the last couple days, so I had to pry out the grate, shovel it clean, haul the ashes outside AND THEN light a fire.  We had a nasty little blizzard some time after 3am.  Nine or ten inches of white shit covered the vehicles.  Had to put the SUV in the street to get my pick up out, so I had to clean off both of them.  Roads were nasty once I got going, but wait-forgot something and had to drive back home.  By the time I left home, it was time for my appointment.  The roads were slow-going and I, of course got stuck behind some motherfucker in a K-car, doing 25 on the highway.  I finally did make the dentist and he was kind enough to see me about a half-hour late.  He even fixed my crown at no charge:)  Later, I bought a new faucet and popped that sucker in, though I was rudely reminded that I am also in need of replacing the counter top and every other damn thing in the kitchen.

Today, I woke with a headache and had trouble getting going.  Eventually, LP and I went grocery shopping, then I loaded the wood rack up with a face cord and then out of the blue my oldest son showed up on a snowmobile with his gf in tow.  They hung out and watched a movie, then bailed for greener pastures.  I've been sitting on the couch reading and watching a bit of the tube, ever since.  It's 4:30am.  I wonder if I have insomnia?  We have another troll relative arriving tomorrow (my SIL left two days ago), if he can manage to get through the snow. Right now, it's a blizzard out there and he still has about 275 miles to go.  He holed up for the night in Mackinaw, just below the bridge, but he's gonna have the same shit tomorrow...

Or any other day for that matter.  Forecast for the week is snow every fucking day.  Anyway, I hope he makes it OK.  He wants to go ice fishing and I haven't been ice fishing in like 3 years.  Tomorrow, I'm gonna grease the tip-ups and tear apart the ice fishing pole.

Well, I've got a nasty chest pain and my eyes are getting heavy.  Finally.  Time for a last smoke and then hit the rack. 



Mr. Bud said...

what's with the 50mph winds and 3" per hour snow thing?

global warming?

I'm getting to old to drive on this warm planet.

Maeve said...

Gawd I have not been to Mackinaw since I was 16........
What I'd do for some of their fudge.