Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back in the saddle

I'm back in my office chair.  You all know the sagas and stories to get here-it was all the same, a lousy 4 1/2 day commute.  Arrived here dead tired and sick. Think I ate some bad shit on one of the flights.

Highlights of the trip. 

Flying from Minnie to London with some lady and her kid next to me.  They ended up; her head on my shoulder, his head in my arm pit, drooling on my lap (him, not her).  They woke up after a few hours (I was half out of it, vegetating in my headphones and could've cared less) and she was mortified.  He decided we were now buddies and kept poking me when I wasn't looking.

Walking in a half-hour circle in London Heathrow, twice.

Trying to sleep on the freezing granite floor in Heathrow, hoping for a quick catnap-NOT.

Getting a business class seat while everyone else from 4 different ships (not just mine) was seated in cattle class.  I razzed them pretty good, but one guy got me back by sneaking in and whacking me on the head every time he got up to pee.  He pees a lot...

Stopping to rap with the Bose kiosk guy in Minnie.  He offered me 200 bucks for my 300 dollar, 5 yr old, broken QC2's.  YES!  Picked up the 350 dollar QC3's for a lousy 150.   Love the on-ear, smaller, lighter, rechargeable next generation phones.  They rock and after about 35 hours of playing, have yet to wear out the supposedly 25 hour battery.

Finding out my buddy got deported from Angola for the wrong stamp in his passport.  I have the same stamp...

Spending only 2 hours in the cage this time around!

Traveling 12,000 miles and 4 1/2 days, only to find out the Wings fucking lost.

Hearing rumors of my next job possibly being Columbia, or Peru-two places I've not yet worked.  Panama Canal, here I come...

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Anonymous said...

You getting frequent flier miles out of this?