Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beginning of the end

Unpacked the rest of my shit this morning and then promptly selected my flights home.  I LOVE these short trips.

Just went topside to have a smoke and catch some rays.  Leaning on the railing, I noticed we are being shadowed by a rather large school of tuna.  Looks like sashimi for dinner.

Temperature is down.  Only a comfortable 80, or so.  Nice change from Africa hot.

Got my old cabin back this trip.  I've been in 3 others during the last three trips.   Every time I head off to my cabin, I wander down a random companionway, forgetting where I'm sleeping.  I have to stand there and think about it.  Woke up this morning totally disoriented.  At first I didn't know where in the world I was, then as I walked out I thought I was in one of my other cabins and went the wrong way toward the instrument room.  Whoops.

Entered the ship's ping-pong tournament despite not being able to play worth a damn.  Figure I'll give the rest of the crew some entertainment.  I'm nice like that...

Saw some kids back home got busted for trying to smuggle some drugs to an inmate in the local prison camp.  Haven't kids today heard of keistering and keeping your mouth shut?   I guess as a society, we're just not teaching our kids the life skills necessary to make in the world.  Damn sure MY kids would do a better job of it if I get sent up.

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