Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A day in town

Cool and misty today.  Almost raining.   Took LP to school for her last half day, then picked her up for some father/daughter time.  We went shopping, checking out jewelry and canoes, then I got a quick haircut.  After that, we braved the downtown construction to hit the Chinese restaurant.  I had spicy, sesame chicken, she had crab rangoons and satay pork.  Before heading to the chiropractor, we stopped at Pete's so LP could see the great, spiral staircase stringer.  She was duly impressed and wants to see the changes inside, too:)  I got a GREAT adjustment and he noted that my shit was way twisted and tight as a snare drum.  We also bought LP a half dozen chapter books.  Looks like a night's reading for her-she is finishing the first book right now.  Tells me she's on page 62 after less than an hour's reading.  She takes after me and it looks like her reading addiction is going to get expensive.  That's about it.  We're home and it sucks outside so I'm off to do a little crew-x paperwork and maybe take a nap...

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