Wednesday, June 17, 2009

miles and miles

Have you ever used Microsoft Project?  How about the online project server crap to share a project interactively with others?  I am trying to complete a setup using both and it is killing me.  Buggy-ass shit with lousy documentation:(

On the bright side I've now added another 10 TB of disk space and a couple of file servers to my system and I LOVE the extra space!   I feel like getting inside that space and dancing a jig:)  Too bad it will be all used up in another couple days...

That Dude asked if I get frequent flier miles.  Yes, many.  On many different programs and airlines.  I haven't bothered to join all programs/airlines because, frankly, after traveling for work I have no fucking desire to go anywhere that requires flying and airports/Montezuma's revenge/hotels/buses/bad food/rickshaws/luggage/trains/helicopters/standing in line/ships/ignorant fucks/sampans/dugout canoes.  Soooo, I collect miles from a few programs that I think PW and the kids might use and that's about it.

I once tried to calculate how many million miles I have flown and it quickly got depressing.  Too damn many is the answer.

I happen to know where the geographic opposite to my home is on the other side of the planet.  I've been pretty damn close to it.  More useless information...

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