Saturday, September 29, 2007

and more home

I've been meaning to post, but housework is taking all my time and while I took photos of the bathroom I've gutted, I don't have time to deal with them and anyway my fingers are too swollen to type more than this. You too can have fingers like this-take a flat bar and scrape plaster off of wooden lath walls and a ceiling for 8 hours. It's 11am and I need a drink, but LP and I are headed out to empty my pickup of bathroom wreckage so we can go buy a tub, enclosure, door, sink and vanity in Marquette, tomorrow. How many of you out there have to drive 150 miles to buy a bathtub?


Mr. Bud said...

mamby pamby.
your workin indoors.

progress em painful.
This is the school of 'Manlyness'.
besides fixtures... um, they have TOOLS.(that's worth 150 mi)
*high five*

Maeve said...

Wave "hi" to my brother for me as you pass by.