Sunday, September 9, 2007

I get high with a little help from...

I've been having a rough time with the whole quitting smoking thing, out here. Today, our medic came back aboard from a medical situation on one of the other three ships in our operation. He brought me a present that he ordered months ago, just for me. THE PATCH.

From Wikipedia:
Nicotine patches come in several steps so that users can phase out nicotine use; for example, 21, 14, and 7 mg. A cigarette delivers roughly 1 mg of nicotine, so someone who used to smoke a pack (20 cigarettes) per day or more could start with the "step I" 21 mg patch, while someone who smoked less could start with "step II." After several weeks (6 is recommended) at step I, new non-smokers move on to step II (usually two weeks) and step III (two weeks).

For most users, there are few or no short-term health problems associated with using the patch, so users should not rush themselves through the steps; rather, users can phase out nicotine use on their own schedules.

The nicotine patch was invented by New Mexico Tech neuropsychopharmacology professor Dr. Frank T. Etscorn III; the patent was licensed by Ciba-Geigy, later merged with Novartis.

[That's not one of my "32-inch pythons" (TM Hulk Hogan), just some dude Wikipedia shot]


Mr. Bud said...

so... your starting with step 0, 2) 21 mg patches?

i have some spare patches if you need. from the last time. or maybe it was the time before that.

good luck (sincere)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with quitting. Hopes ya manages to do it.

Freddie said...

Best wishes. Seriously.

Some things I remember about the patch: lots of dreaming and sweating at night (even though I never wore a patch to bed), and our hair was smelly when wet.

Fyremandoug said...

Hey Pirate I am sorry about the Oregon game I hate them Ducks so bad...Im hoping come Oregon Civil War we (OSU BEAVS)will whop them But you never Know, and If the Patch dont work look up
the Pharmacist here at work Is raving about the results

The Pirate said...

Thanks for the nice thoughts, guys:)
So far, the patch works, and really gets you zinging in the morning.

I'll keep the smelly hair in mind, Freddie, but I suspect that PW will say my hair stinks when I smoke, anyway:(

Doug, the Oregon game went pretty much how I expected. UM has rolled over for the season. Tough to come back from the worst loss in college football history:(

For the record, I am using the 21mg patch. One on my arm, one on the inside of my thigh and one on either side of my neck. I thought about leaving one soaking in my coffee mug, but the first four seem to be working well...

Queen of Dysfunction said...

You have pythons? I thought pirates all had gopher snakes.