Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bad day

One of those days, out here in the Big Blue, yesterday. I put the morning's nicotine patch in a new place for the first time since starting these little buggers. OMG did it itch for hours! Evidently, you are supposed to rotate the location, which is no fun. The first time an area gets the patch, it itches like a motherfucker. Subsequent patches in the same area are no bother, but I guess that’s a no-no, so those days are over. Evidently, I will spend my mornings trying not to chew off various parts of my body until I can stop taping nicotine to it. Nice.

About 2 hours into the shift, our navigator gets an instant message from his very, very pregnant wife-"I'm on the way to the hospital". He's now gone, but won't be home until tonight, or early tomorrow morning and either way, most likely arriving at the hospital already a father since they were talking emergency C-section. He was such a wreck, the rest of us were freaking out with him. On the plus side, he made me forget about my itchy arm.

Received an email from the office today. It tells me that my future location is no longer in question. I will be working somewhere in the western, or the eastern hemisphere...that rules out the moon, at least. Seriously, it actually just threw a few more options into the mix and while I may not be scaling the pyramids next month, I may be instead, once again hanging with Santa in his back forty-for those of you who've been reading my shit since last September.

Some lowdown motherfucker stole my red stapler. Unless they left the ship with it, I swear by all that’s holy I will rip their head off and shit down their neck. I want to cry.

Finally, for the last half of the shift my job went completely haywire. Nothing worked. All of my work runs on one of those pc cluster supercomputers using a proprietary software package that in effect, takes a bunch of data and runs a series of computer programs on it, making millions, no, at least trillions of mathematical alterations to it. Something was wrong with an alteration, so I fixed it. Which led to another one showing up wrong, so I fixed it, which led to another and another and so on. After an hour or so of this, I realized that I had modified dozens of alterations, but shouldn’t have-something else was changing the alterations. So I went after that in the same method as above (After fixing the dozens of changes above). The problem kept cascading until I had made hundreds of changes, on different levels, in different programs and scripts. Still, nothing working. I put it all back the way it was originally. Six hours to get back to where I started-nothing working. My opposite walks in at shift change and before their first cup of coffee, changes a few numbers here and there and BAM! It all works. Words cannot describe my pain.


Mr. Bud said...

yes. bad day.
Goldie went fin up. who knew a fucking goldfish won at the county fair would live almost 10 years. the receding hairline and the grey scales were a (dead) give away.

me and bonehead had a burial (and nothing learned from queenie, he contained his own fluids) and i think bonehead shead a tear.
he did teach me a stupid goldfish has a personality.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Good luck with the patch. Never did that one, just quit cold turkey.

Poor guy, hope he made it to his wife's side. But honestly? I'm feeling worse for his wife, having been through labor and all.

Will you be trekking through this way on your way west or east? The King and I can make you a home-cooked meal should you wander our way.

The Pirate said...

Quitting on the patch is super easy except for the pounding on shit when I get angry. I seem to be getting angry quite a bit, too...

He made it and all is well. Wife had Mom with her, too.

I only fly West going to Southeast Asia. Otherwise, I fly through London, Amsterdam, or Paris. Coming back, even from Southeast Asia, they like to route me back West. Must have something to do with the Coriolis Effect??

Otherwise, seeing you and the king AND getting a home-cooked meal in the middle of my journey would be pretty damn nice:) Thank you and I'll hold ya to it, if I ever start exploiting the earth in the vicinity of the Bay!