Friday, September 7, 2007

Watch This

I've been on Pirate Watch in the Strait of Malacca, between the coasts of mainland Malaysia and the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. Nothing worse than watching for a bunch of rowdy Indonesians with a boat and a riflle, while armed with nothing more than radio and cigarette lighter.

I've been on Shrimp Watch, and OK, that's worse; staring at a monitor, watching shrimp fucking.

I've been on Fishing Boat Watch all over the world. Running around at high speeds in a diesel-powered jet boat, pounding on the hulls of small fishing vessels with a sledge hammer; waking up sleepy, hung-over fisherman to tell them that they are about to be run down by a 400 ton ship towing 48 miles of gear.

I've been on Gangway Watch in ports, everywhere. Holding back the homeless, or oppressed people who want a way out of their lives, any way out.

Terrorist Watch in Singapore. That was just sad.

Today, I spent some time on a new watch; Lightning Watch. See lightning; call the instrument room on the radio and announce you saw lightning. I've always loved lightning and I hate that my job has now sucked all the joy out of a good old thunder storm.



Mr. Bud said...

you get paid to watch for lightning.

you luckie, luckie baawsterd.

Maeve said...

I MISS thunderstorms!!
Lucky for me (and my sister) we had thunderstorms all week up to the day of her wedding last month. They stopped in time and we had beautiful weather for an out door wedding.
That is what I like about Michigan. Wait ten minutes and the weather WILL change.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

You forgot to mention babes in bikinis watch. I mean, they have those where you are, right?

The Pirate said...

I just quickly ran all the way around the ship, searching. Not one babe, or bikini. Saw a shrimper in a stained, wife-beater, though.