Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hash Bash

OK, I'm not a rabid U of M fan, but dammit they're all I've got. I survived the last week on here by keeping my head down and taking the abuse, quietly. I sucked it up, endured the taunts, shredded the articles left on my desk, slipped under my cabin door and posted on the walls in every compartment on the ship. I even ignored the taunts over the radio.

Today, a few kind souls wished me luck against Oregon so I thought the abuse was over. I broke out a Maize and Blue tank top I stole from PW months ago, to use as a workout shirt. I hung it from the bookshelf above my monitors and yeah, that was a mistake. By kick-off time, some bastard had desecrated my shirt and all four of my monitors with Appalachian State signs.


The cold I've been hiding from snuck up from behind and clubbed me in the head, today. Tomorrow, I will look like the guy next to me. Correction-the guy who was next to me. He last about an hour and is now bed-ridden.


Supplies were delayed, again. No fresh veggies today. Maybe tomorrow we will take her alongside and get the goods.


The love bugs have multiplied and are once again, everywhere. Got one in my coffee this morning. Make that two, of course.

I had tuna fish sandwiches for breakfast this morning. Due to the lack of supplies, the tuna fish was made with diced, raw potato as a filler. Oddly, it was fucking awesome and I had three sandwiches.

I've been watching the real-time scoreboard for the MI/Oregon game and it looks as if Michigan is taking the lay on your back and expose your belly route this season. I'm contemplating pulling the damn shirt down.


Mr. Bud said...

and. and. and.
the unspeakable horror?

enquirer-ing minds need to know..

Maeve said...

Times like these, I'm glad I'm a hockey fan. We'll see how my boys in red & white do this fall.
I'm still bitter that Shanahan left.

Anonymous said...

Well, um, better the 'love bugs' gettin their groove on in yer coffee cup instead of yer ears ya think?????? LOL

Queen of Dysfunction said...

I'm not sure what was worse about that game. The game itself, or Mike Hart's wild-eyed-meth-fueled-looking soliloquy afterward.