Saturday, September 22, 2007

There's no place like home...

I'm finally home. Made it in about 8pm last night. Showered and passed the fuck out.

First off, I must say that I was wracking my brains for a creative solution to the puzzle of getting home, something your average bear would never think of and Doug nailed it. From now on, U-Haul will be another possible weapon in my arsenal. Without that advise, I finally managed the following:

Set up the two rental cars from two companies; Hertz from Minnie to Green Bay, then National from Green Bay to Houghton. Why? Hertz doesn't go to Houghton and National had no cars left in Minnie after all the cancellations. One of the stranded travelers from my canceled flight agreed to share the driving-a girl trying to get to a Saturday wedding up in Copper Harbor. Then, yesterday morning, at the last possible minute, two seats on a flight to Green Bay opened up, so we flew to Green Bay, rented a car and drove up to Houghton. As a final insult, the skies open up and dumped a shit-load of rain on me just as I went to drop off my car. Like Noah's Ark kind of rain, flooding parts of the city and all that.

PW and LP picked me up from the airport, where I ditched the rental. LP had a little surprise package from the Queen and was dying to open it, shaking it in my face, "Come on, Papa. OPEN IT!!!!!" So I ripped the top off and handed it back to her. Oh yeah, she pulled out the postcard with the naked butts, first thing. Laughing, "What's this for papa? Whose butts are those?" Wisely, I explained that it was for one of those moments when you need a whole bunch of naked butts. "You never know when you'll need a bunch of naked butts and now I'm ready." She thinks I'm nuts. PW asked if the queen was the one in the middle of the line-up. I could only state that I wouldn't recognize her from that particular angle.

After handing off the postcard to PW, LP pulled out the goodies and the letter. We all got a good laugh at the warning about LP seeing the postcard:) LP was gracious enough to let me eat one of the goodies, but I forgot that I hadn't eaten all day and I was bouncing off the ceiling all the way home. THEY WERE AWESOME!! LP, PW and I all say THANK YOU:) and PW wants the recipe. Roughly 10 minutes after getting home, the sugar buzz wore off, I started mumbling, took a shower and like I said, passed the fuck out.

Today, I managed to drag myself out of bed long enough to make coffee and cinnamon rolls for LP, drive into town to get MP, bring PW a pasty from BP's bakery and pick up my luggage from the airport. I'm now passing out on the couch until PW gets home and cracks a bottle of wine...


qofd said...

WOO HOO! You got home! I can only assume that blog silence will be maintained for a bit as you catch up with the family. At least you were able to catch a flight between Minnie and GB.

Glad you received the package! Glad you liked it but I feel kinda bad that LP saw the postcard. Crud.

The Pirate said...

Blog silence will be maintained only until I begin to tear up the bathroom-that should provide for much entertainment.

Don't sweat the postcard, it was pretty damn funny for all:)

/off to drink myself unconscious w/ PW.

mr. Bud said...

we had fun waiting your arrival. LP every 2 min... 'ya know what mr. bud??, daddys coming home!'
too cute.
of course then she didn't want to get out of the pool when it was time to go...

oooh. queenies lil favorite huh? what a nice thing she did. (like lp is gonna be shocked over a couple buns... ha. hhah. hahahaha)

i think tomorrows welcome home.. birthday party event might be write worthy. who doesn't LOVE 3 to 8 year olds all sugared up?
if you don't show... i'll fetch your arse. besides... pool table, bar, and a preteen son (who LOVES these parties too) ready to shark away your bathroom fund. (hard sell here)

Heidi said...

Glad you made it safe. Enjoy.

Maeve said...

Welcome home!

Fyremandoug said...

Pirate Windows XP has a utility called "MOVIE MAKER" its dirt easy to take pics and song and turn it into MPEG