Friday, September 21, 2007

Fuck me

It's about 2am, I'm still in Minneapolis Airport. I cannot rent a car from here to Houghton for three days. I cannot fly out for two days. Yes, fuck me. Oh, but I have Subway.

Live blogging from Minneapolis Airport at 3:19 am. Out of the 30-odd passengers, everybody else either passed out, or left for a hotel. Two of us, hit every ticket agent, tram, car rental agency and hidden places to sleep in the entire fucking airport. There is no easy way out and nowhere comfortable to crash.

Mr. bud, you might be interested to know that I went to the hidden balcony and found it full of people. From there, I took the hallway back across the entire length of the main terminal, passing dozens of offices and doors with "HIGH SECURITY-DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED", or "TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT" printed on them. From there, you can cross over to the other side and find a police station and a small balcony above the new restaurant with chairs and tables. That's where I'm at now, hungrily eying the coffee shop.
Had to move -battery was dying and I had no plug. Now I've got my laptop on top of a garbage can.

Northwest is useless. The best they came up with is still a flight home the day after tomorrow. I may be able to get a flight to Duluth and get PW to close the shop, pull LP out of school and drive 5 hours to get me. Or, I can drive a Hertz rental to Green Bay WI., then rent a National car and drive it to Houghton. At Least 11 hours on the road and probably an hour to turn in one rental and get another.

This is the shit I go through to get to and from work. By the way, yes, I am still flapping my sore fucking arms and the low-grade fever I received courtesy of a yellow fever vaccination is doing wonders for my attitude. I was planning to sleep, but the ticket counters open again in a half hour, So I'm sitting here at the end of the main terminal keeping a watchful eye on the coffee shop. A four-shot latte just might keep me awake long enough to make a coherent decision about getting home.

Eleven hours driving is probably the only real option and I have, but one passenger, a girl from Portland, I think is still here and we have call numbers of a few others who opted for a hotel. Car pool...
9am, I'm still here and out of crack. Starting to get the shakes...


qofd said...

All you had to write was "stuck" and "Minneapolis" and you instantly had my sympathy.

I hope the next post is from Houghton.

Fyremandoug said...

Planes, Trains & Automobiles Dude.
rent a small U-haul and go for a road trip, I will Pray to St. Erasmus of Formiae for the Pirate, and think happy thoughts

Heidi said...

Best of luck to you. I don't evny your next couple days.