Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Review

LL's comment on my math woes made me feel better.  If she has an issue with modolos, or whatever they are, then I feel pretty good about muddling through them, even if I'm not sure of the spelling without Googling it.  A quad expresso and a call from all three of my girls (you hear that, son?) have also greatly improved today's mood.  I've decided to start up circuit training with several other crew out on the helideck this afternoon, despite my broken finger.  It's like 90 out there, folks:)

I had a little down time this morning and finished the next review, so I threw it up-pun intended...go check it out at my oh so unprofessional and amaih-clone looking review site and find yourself a nice pair of shoes, or sandals. 


LL said...

I think everyone should stick to thinking in base 10. Period. Fuck that other noise. The only time I think in other mods is in mod 12 for military time. haha

Mr. Bud said...

Well, if only the natural world worked in base 10. Mr computer has to convert modulus base two to 10, so we can use it.
dude. math rocks. It's a language. Like... martian.. or.. Ur-anus-ian-nen..

ps. Keens look really good on nekid chicks with purple socks. FYI.

pps. son would text you.

The Pirate said...

Clocks were the first thing I thought of when I had to remember mods:)

What nekkid chick w/ purple socks? why was I not informed? Besides being married and 15,000 miles away...