Friday, May 16, 2008

Week 13 Wordzzle

Managed a Wordzzle!  Crammed it all into one and at least did it in order.  Posting from email, so the fancy linked image is out this week:( 

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This Week's Ten Word Challenge is: sergeant, lunatic, peanut butter and jelly, cyber space, flattery, musician, auspicious, cardinal, paprika, flowering plum tree

And for the Mini Challenge: sinister, magazine, American flag, rain storm, chess board

My sergeant was a lunatic.  Often covered in peanut butter and jelly, he cruised cyber space for flattery, often hitting on the odd musician, while the other privates played chess on a footlocker. One auspicious day he hit on a cardinal asking to be covered in paprika and tied to a flowering plum tree.

The sinister sergeant had to go.  We emptied a magazine into him and disposed of the body to save an American flag, despite the rain storm.   The chess board was left at checkmate.


Akelamalu said...

Sounds like the sergeant got his just desserts! :)

Jay said...

Well done Pirate! Glad to somebody went "Full Metal Jacket" on that sergeant. haha ;-)

Mr. Bud said...

ok. that was good. now are you going for the minium word count to include all.. in order.

makin up your own rules, are ya..??

PS. I think B&C are on their way. Mama's doing garage sales.. just a FYI

Raven said...

Welcome back! You have been missed. Impressive return to the field not only using all the words in order but doing it so concisely. Well done!

Richard said...

I had a Sgt or two like that in the Marines, but we did not frag or shoot them.


Dianne said...

I missed ya Pirate!

great job. a buttoned up story that just goes POW - BAM

very cool