Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Attack of the bad reviews

Remember the book review I wrote for Faster Than The World?  The one about the birds and the bees book for children?  I noticed somebody ended up at the review from something called "Google Book Search".  Turns out Google lists two reviews for the book and the top one is mine.  Poor fucker, I'd almost feel sorry for the author if hadn't blasted my eyes with the drawing of the mom and pop clones, naked in the tub, playing with a plastic boat.

Totally unrelated, but I've been listening to Christmas music all night. Why, you ask?  Well, I surely don't know, but I can say that Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Lost Christmas Eve" is my favorite Christmas music of all time.  At least until I get "A Mad Russian's Christmas".


Anonymous said...

Strong book review. I will have to read it.
By the way I have been a fan of Dr Bonner's for years. Good stuff.


The Pirate said...

Hola Ripple. I see a blog in your future...