Sunday, May 18, 2008

Music, sweet, sweet music

So I've been meaning to address LL's tagging me for the music meme.  As it was close to crew-x, things have been a little hectic today and I tend to procrastinate, I've only now actually done something about it.  I HAVE been thinking about how difficult it would be when I actually have to narrow down my tastes to just a few tunes.  Today, I browsed my music library and wrote out a list of songs, just one per artist, that represents what I think is the best of my current collection, at least on this laptop.  After much frustration, I could only cut it down to 50 songs and one selection is actually a pair of songs that absolutely must go together.  I realize I've missed a lot of my favorite songs and a few of my favorite artists who I don't happen to have loaded on here right now, but I did the best I could.  I noticed that I've got an artist from every letter of the alphabet except, G, Q, U, X, Y and Z, though I could've picked tunes from Garth Brooks, Queen, U-2, Xavier Xerxes, Yani (ok, not) and ZZ-Top, but I didn't.

The next step is to actually type out the list of 50 songs and their album and artist.  Gee, I'll post that, what-next month?

Oh yes, and while writing out the list, somebody stopped into my office and asked me what the one song I couldn't do without would be.  A blood vessel burst in my temple.

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