Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just another day in the pen

Another workout in the prison yard. It was a painfully beautiful day, yesterday. Around a hundred degrees, intensely sunny with small, puffy clouds scudding across the horizon like a fleet of corsairs on their way to pillage foreign merchant ships. With some kick-ass music thumping in the headphones, I walked and ran laps around the helideck for nearly 2 hours. Still can't shake the prison yard feeling, though. Despite a 360 degree view of a truly beautiful ocean on a sunny day, I was still running on a gunmetal-grey deck and fenced in. The orange boiler suit clad inmates were missing from the basketball game, though.
After the initial shock of fresh vegetables wore off, I hunted around to see what other delights we received. I found yogurt, which was good and milk which was not good. Why, you ask? They sent us chocolate milk, banana milk. Coffee and strawberry milk. Fucking MINT-flavored milk! Whole milk? No. Low-fat. Nada. 2%? Not a fucking chance. No regular, plain old white milk, the way it comes out of the cow. The chandler must think we're a bunch of fucking kids.
As of yesterday, everything I am now required to produce at work, I've never done. I've never even seen these things done and have no clue as to how to go about them. I've got some support shore-side but sat comms are dodgey and they only do the 9-5 gig. I'm feeling pretty damn alone and inadequate, kind of like a fry cook getting sent into space as an astronaut on a solo flight...
I'm working on a new review for the other site when off-shift, but progress is slow. Not a whole lot of waking hours left after a 14 hour shift, workout, meal and an hour or two of training. I've yet to type out the Great List of The World's Best Music According To My Music Library.
Finally, has everyone heard Kat's interview on America's Freedom Broadcast Radio (AFB) about Operation Love From Home? You can stream, or download it, I think. I've got limited bandwidth and work restrictions, so I can't do either:( Kat also sent me this email:

[Howdy all!
For your listening pleasure, I've attached a copy of our 32-second promo for our non-profit troop support organization, "Operation Love From Home" (www.OperationLoveFromHome.org). This spot will soon air on www.Hounddogradio.net (the first, but hopefully not the last, to air the spot!) ~ feel free to email it around. :)

"Mama Kat" Orr, President
Operation Love From Home]

Very cool and in it's honor, I'm going to email it in this post, or edit it in Blogger. I've not yet tried this and technically shouldn't from here, but it's a tiny file and a very worthy cause.....OK, I'm not savvy enough to get the darn audio clip in here, so I put up the Banner:)


~Jack~ said...

Yep, she sent the clip to me, too.

kat said...

I'm just a media hog like that... LOL. Actually, I'm kinda desparate for cards for the soldiers - response has been low this year!

Thanks, guys - y'all rock!