Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The practical workout

I finally put up my little map of places I've been.  It's at the bottom, same place I stuck it on my old blog LOAP.  To be fair, some of these places I haven't worked in and only visited an airport.  Then again, that's about all I ever get to see of the places I work; airports, hotels, docks, heliports and red-light districts and these places all tend to be the same, no matter the country.

Mr. Bud.  I just found yet more new music in my library.  This time, a group called Potliquor, from Louisiana.  You will like.

Official shout-out to PR.  I see you have a profile.  It's the first step toward blog addiction.  Beware.

Yesterday's workout.  Very interesting as well as exhausting.  The medic really puts in the effort to create a new, thorough and balanced circuit every other day.  Yesterday's circuit was a great example.  It was also practical, which was very cool.  Some of the stations:  Dragging a truck tire (where the hell did it come from??) across the deck by hauling in on a huge deck line (rope), then slinging it over your shoulder and running it back to the other end.  Hauling our Man OverBoard (MOB) dummy back and forth across the deck in a fireman's carry and finally, performing CPR on Respiratory Failure Roy, our CPR practice dummy.  In between those stations, you have to run across the deck, do sit-ups, 5-counts, medicine ball drills, etc.  All in all, a damn good workout and excellent practice of a few necessary offshore skills.  I think he must have taken inspiration from fire school and their version of the yearly firefighter agility test, which is not easy.  It won't be long and I'll be haulin hose and dummies and fightin fire, again.  Mmmmmm.


Fyremandoug said...

Hell yes drag that charged line Pirate and sweat baby sweat

Mr. Bud said...

I'm slowly catching up with the blog.
New music would be good, cause I have elton john's "Bitch is Back" running non stop on the iPod.

Paul said...

A truck tire. There goes my last excuse for being out of shape. For musical variety, there are a couple of public radio song of the day podcasts that I enjoy. Try MPR: The Current Song of the Day and KEXP Song of the Day. They have been a huge plus for the ipod.