Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spaghetti Burrito and the crouching leopard

Business first. A new review is posted on my review site.
Also, I had to update the review of Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soaps. I've since tried a new product and two, new uses:)
I feel the need to warn people of a new and dangerous element I was exposed to yesterday, during circuit training. It's an exercise called "stalking leopard" push-ups. While it may go by another name, if someone directs you to walk across the floor on your hands and feet like a leopard, doing a sideways push-up ever "step", refuse. Not only does it feel un-natural and exhausting at the time, but the next day you'll really feel it. Obviously developed at the Bayer Aspirin Laboratories, this thinly disguised aspirin binge is soon to be outlawed in all 50 states, I'm assuming.
It's been just over two weeks since I left home to spend 12 hours at a stretch, sitting on my ass and my hemorrhoids are killing me. Too much information? Stick it where your hemorrhoids live, I'm in pain.
Oh yes, and for those of you back in The Copper Country, it was about 105 degrees, sunny with no breeze, yesterday. Rock lobster I am.
Finally, "Things I see out here that you don't": A spaghetti burrito, courtesy of my Kiwi/Aussie galley staff. Strange and not all that tasty.

And the image above is just a randomly chosen, recent ship photo. These puppies are some of my new, dual-30" widescreen monitors. They're so damn big that they're actually too big. Items on the ends of the monitors seem like a mile away and I have to either sit way back, or lean way over to read things. Never thought you could have a screen that was too big, even if you use two at a time, like I do...
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