Friday, December 12, 2008


The First Annual Luanda Harbor BBQ is a success, so far.  I just stopped back into the nerve center to check on message from my remote IT support after consuming 5 pounds of various charred meats, corn on the cob, shrimp, rice, fries, salad, no-drunkie beer and wine.  We listened to a strange selection of music that ranged from the Bee Gees, to Black Sabbath, to that song, Kung-fu Fighting.  The Filipino cooks have very funny taste in music.  For instance, I eat every breakfast to ABBA turned up, full-blast.  EVERY morning.  Anyway, we watched the sun set over the palm trees and played hoops on the helideck.  The Europeans now have the ball and are playing "football" with their heads and feet.  Everyone is relaxed for a change, talking about leaving, joking and generally enjoying the best day we've had out here in a long time, bar crew-x days.

No messages from my support so I guess I'm going to close this down and head back up on deck. 

Oh, If anyone happens to be in Djerba, Tunisia this Sunday night, drop me a line.  We can hook up and get a few beers...


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