Tuesday, December 16, 2008


After a very balky start this morning, I am finally home.

My plane boarded late, left the gate, circled the airport and ended back at the same gate for more fuel.  Fuel to get us to an alternate airport, just in case they told us.  Great.  Before we managed to back out of the gate, we were told not to come by my home airport.  Bad runway conditions.  An hour later we de-iced, then circled the airport, again.  Someone told our pilot to head back to the gate, again.  Don't know why, but before we got there, he was told to go.  So we went.  And I'm sitting next to a roaring wood stove, yawning.  It's like minus 5.  I'm going to bed.

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Fyremandoug said...

Stay warm Dude....Drink Wine