Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dinner with Noah and the aliens

After a bit of shopping, getting my daughter her ski pass for the year and an oil change, we met Mr. Bud, his boys, PR and family (YAY!  It's been 6 months.) and three other friends, for dinner.  We supped at one of the local microbreweries called The Library.  The Library is a local icon, a legend, actually.  It used to be the place to go for generations of college students, looking for liquid refreshment, or a place to study.  After a devastating fire, it was reborn as a restaurant and brew pub.  A while back, it was bought by a local guy whose been on the restaurant and bar scene as far back as I can remember.  The food is awesome and it boasts a view of the snow-covered Portage Canal.

After pushing a few tables together, we ordered drinks, sweet potato fries and a bread bowl filled with a piping-hot, super-cheesy, artichoke and spinach dip.  The second round of appa-teasers saw us passing around plates of sushi rolls and bbq'd soy beans.  Very yummy.  For the main course, I had a Cabernet-reduced burger with sauted mushrooms and onions, washed down with a raspberry daqueri, while PW had pan-seared Tuna and margaritas. 

At some point during the the spinach dip, or maybe the sushi, one of the kids mentioned a nasty fall at the ski hill (they showed up in ski boots:), then drew a picture of the wipe-out on the back of a sushi menu and passed it over for his dad to see.  And that was it.  The adults grabbed a cup of crayons and began to add to the drawing, passing it around for everyone to add something.  Jim Cantori showed up to add some drama.  Aliens.  Noah's Ark.  Flood, famine, a planet-busting meteor.  Pirates, kiwis, an ambulance, one super hero and if you look real hard, Waldo.  I think the kids were embarrassed, but the adults had a blast, even if not one of us can draw worth a damn with crayons.


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Mr. Bud said...

I don't think anyone was bored.
In the whole resturant.

so I'm tooling over to drop off the boys right after... one of the owners calls me. I thought, oh holy crap I'm in trouble now...

she said right after we left, everyone else in the resturant who had been watching us, having tea and crumpets, left. 95% mass exit.

and Marla (our waitress) had asked her earlier if it was ok to ask the children to control their parents.

geeze. I thought we were mostly civil. mostly.

the "B" bud signal still cracks me up. as does the pirate.