Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This afternoon we were obligated to launch all three of our small boats.  I was lucky enough to draw the jet-powered, 350 horse fast rescue craft.  We lower these into the water from a davit winch.  The harbor is rather large, with at least several dozen assorted tramp steamers, freighters, tankers, survey craft, barges, etc.  The day was bright and sunny and very, very hot.  The heat was soon dissipated as I cranked her up to 35 knots (about 40 mph).  We wave-hopped for a bit, then took turns dropping a dummy overboard, executing full -speed Williamson turns to quickly arrive back at the poor sod we pitched overboard.  We also practiced bringing him up on the water stretcher.

After that I took a few practice runs at coming alongside the ship to be retrieved, and then finally, back up we went.  It was hot, wet and a truly glorious get-away, if just for a little while.  It was certainly over much too soon and I could have stayed out for hours.

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