Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tour Guide

What a day!  I am knackered.  Tours all day and I was tagged to keep leading them.  Most of the crew led one then got to fuck off.  I was not so lucky.  For mr. Bud, who asked, who are we giving tours to:  We gave tours to current and future clients as well as some of our own office people.  Somewhere around ONE HUNDRED OF THEM...

Most of these people had never been on a ship and had no knowledge of our operation.  Had to explain everything from the toilets (vacuum), to the processing computer system (Linux-driven, parallel pc cluster).  I tromped up and down the stairs, over and over-from the bridge to the engine room and all points in between.  I sure hope we get some business from it-I AM TIRED!

Any time now we should be pulling away from quay and heading back out to anchor.  I'm off shift in 20 minutes.  I'm getting a sauna and sacking out.  Oh yeah, there go the engines-we are outta here!

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