Friday, December 5, 2008

The sun will shine tomorrow

Lousy day.  Managed to get little or nothing accomplished.  My computer system took a dump and is still in the process of rising from the ashes.  Not 2 minutes later my PC began to act up and finally shit the bed.  Due, in part, I'm sure to the fact that I had a Samba link to my processing system.  Recovered from that to see that my company chat software was missing a dll and refused to chat.  Hmmm, use that a lot to communicate with the remote engineers that fix my ailing system.  Scratch that Idea...
So, after 12 hours I've been about as useful as a doorstop.  What a crap day, hopefully, not to be repeated and I am off for a blistering workout.  Peace

Oh, yeah, I'm still somewhere off the coast of Africa, Namibia, or's still cold, too.


Dorothy's chain with balls said...

Yep. There are a handful of days out of the year that you simply must put all your shit down, find the fridge and start cracking them open. Today is one of them for you. Make sure you pour a little out on the first one for good karma. Get your three day weekend started. Good Luck!

Mr. Bud said...

Dorthy's chain with balls.

OMG the best name/title.
too funny.

well, your missing: 1)moving snow.
2)repeat step 1.

The Pirate said...

That is a classic handle:) I sure wish I could get a three day weekend, though. Still quite a few days before that happens.

Mr. Bud, I must confess I am missing the snow. Sucks to move it, but that's still better than no snow at all and they don't get much over here. Maybe I'll see some in Frankfurt...