Monday, December 22, 2008

Early Christmas

Sort of.  We had a new stove and refrigerator delivered today.  I installed the water line, plugged em in and loaded the old crap in the truck, so I can drop it off at the scrap metal yard down the road.  Then, I cut down the wood stove grate PW bought (3 times) so it would fit through the stove's door and cranked up the stove.  It burns so much better, now.  It even heats up to temperature in under 3 minutes now!  This pretty much completes all the crap I needed to get done before Christmas and now....I can concentrate on drinking.  Well, after I put away every tool I own and clean up 4 inches of sawdust in my workshop.  Tomorrow PR and family are visiting from the other end of the UP and we're looking forward to hanging out.  Hurry up, guys!


Fyremandoug said...

What's yur poison Pirate

The Pirate said...

I'm particularly partial to Grey Goose Vodka, strained through ice with a twist of lime. Guinness on the side.