Sunday, December 21, 2008

Elvis was in the building

We're under a blizzard warning (and a blizzard) up here, today and tonight.  Despite the bad weather, PW, PL and I drove into town. They fed a friend's guinea pigs and cat while I shoveled their sidewalk since they're downstate.  Then, at the mall we watched a friend of ours do his infamous Elvis impersonation live on the radio.  He sang Elvis' favorite Christmas songs.   It went well and we were thoroughly entertained.  Afterward, the station held reindeer races.  LP's number was drawn as a contestant for the last race.  She won a Christmas present and before she picked it out, PW won one as a door prize.  About five minutes later, I too, won one.  The girls won bowls of the sort that men know nothing about, evidently.  I won two tarps.  You can never have enough tarps.  Yep.

Anyway, I've got a week's worth of wood stacked in the new wood rack in the living room, the snow shoveled and the fire stoked.  Winter is good.  G'night folks.

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Maeve said...

My stubborn, hard headed sister drove down state in that stuff to be with our parents for Christmas.
(She too became a Yooper this fall)