Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back at sea

I'm back at sea. I'm dead tired, pissed off and I had to change my Velg språk in Blogger back to Engelsk, again. This time I remembered what Freddie told me the last time it happened and it was easy:)

Weather sucks, food is ok and this time I'm only 2 hours offshore and still have cell coverage through the oil rig networks, for now, anyway. I wanna go home, at least before Dean gets here:(

I'll get to posting some overdue stuff after I catch up on some sleep.


Blondie said...

Back out to sea! I get so fascinated by your cycle of coming and going out to the great big ocean. Are you getting better sleep? I think part of the problem might be all of the late night distractions (such as the glory of space). I've suffered from insomnia for years and I have to FORCE myself to turn everything off and get in bed and read at like 10pm or I'll never go to sleep ever.

Mr. Bud said...

whew. your afloat.
watching dean.
i think your OK. may be bumpy.
LP, Mama.. me. very sad.
but we have begun count down.

Freddie said...

Cool. It's not often I get a chance to help folks out who are much smarter than I.

Safe travels. Hope your time away from PW and LP flies.

The Pirate said...

Blondie-last night was first the first onboard and after a 23 hour day I slept like the fucking dead except for waking once after banging my head on the bulkhead d/t the rough seas. I usually sleep very well out here if the boat is even slightly rocking, no matter how tired

Mr bud-35...

Freddie- I was SO happy to remember that but of advise last night!!

Freddie said...

Now THAT was funny! I mean it. It was supposed to be... right?

(I always wonder if I piss people off. I know some people piss me off now and then. But I've decided to not give so much of a shit anymore. Y'know?)