Friday, August 17, 2007

Deano Watch: Day two

The local weather has calmed here. Effects from Erin have lessened, seas calmed an only the occasional rain squall pops up, which alleviates the oppressive heat and humidity for a time.

Studying the resources available at NOAA's National Hurricane Center, Deano's track leaving the Yucatan is still guesswork. The only sure bet is that Deano is already a killer and will most likely continue that trend, at least.

Things here in the GoM are getting a little uncomfortable. Using the old mariners 1-2-3 rule, working in the GoM is just flat-out fucking dangerous during the season. Deano has already plugged up the GoM worse than John Madden after he's eaten a pound and a half of Gouda.

From the 1-2-3 image, you can see that there's really no escape from the danger zone in the GoM, especially at the 5 knot max speed of this tired, old fleet.

A westerly track as seen in NOAA's five-day cone image would be best for us, allowing a possibly a lee anchorage to the East of the Mississippi Delta while Deano fucks with the Texas/Mexico border, but we're not counting on anything other than getting tossed around, somewhere, at this point.
Looks like a bad day at the office sometime next week unless we have the opportunity to port and hit the bar...


Fyremandoug said...

Dude stay dry and I'll Think good thoughts for you and your 30-30
K?.....a man has to go and forage for venison...just has to.

Newieswoman said...

Stay safe. Me thoughts and prayers is with ya. But just in case a little chat with ''the evil one'' who owes me a few favors may help.

P.S. Me 18 year old dont beleive about the shrimp orgies mucking up equipment. It all started cuz she wanted proof from me that turtles actually have sex. LOL. So, with the shrimp story me was able to shock her silent . Thanks for the miracle. ROTFLMFFAO

The Pirate said...

Thanks Doug!! Your right, a man should never have to give up the hunt.

NEWFIE- Thanks for the only laugh I've had since leaving home:)

Mr. Bud said...

gonna clip yuck a tan, south of what's shown, loose steam, idle (slow down) for 12 hrs and head north (shwacked by upper level)toward mid texas thurs. (might get pretty beat up by yuck a tan and drop to TS)

just sayin.

are the east keys an option? unless you port at new orleans..
hang on. get out the duct tape.

Freddie said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you and the other good folks near the gulf there.

Macoosh said...

ugh i don't like this. can't you go be somewhere safe? take care of yourself.