Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Bosch Brewery is long gone but the jewel of the Keweenaw still shines

Saw Leo Kottke tonight at this beautiful, old venue. I've waited over 20 years to see him and there are no words. Go listen to Embryonic Journey, or Airproofing, or anything off of 6 and 12 String Guitar.

After the show we picked up LP and went for ice cream and the used book store. Oddly enough I purchased nothing for myself at either place.

After getting home, I retreated to the basement to wire a fluorescent fixture to light up the area where my bench grinder and vise are mounted.
Note I used wire nuts, mr. bud:)

Afterwards, I drooled over my new tools for a minute, or two-
10" Cummins compound mitre saw with laser. Did you see my fingers go like *this* when I said laser?

...and a 10" Ryobi table saw without laser. I didn't do the finger thing this time. God, I love when the Cummins road show tool sale comes to town-just like the fucking circus!

After the drooling, for no apparent reason I picked up the top to an old, wooden beer keg I'm restoring, from a long-gone local brewery. It will be a floor lamp, eventually.

I stared at one of the piles of driftwood in my shop, hoping for inspiration on the piece I need to do for one of my sister-in-laws. No joy.

Then, I noticed my soot-filled fuel oil fired furnace that needs every square inch, inside and out, vacuumed and scrubbed after belching flames out of the little porthole you see in the picture WHILE NOBODY WAS HOME and the basement lost it's appeal, so I came up to stop being a blogging chump and post, finally. It's now 2:50am and I need to get my ass into the rack, so I think I'm gonna stop right here for now. Tomorrow, we're heading to the beach for a bluegrass festival-I will get pictures!


Queen of Dysfunction said...

Ok, so like really. Men are going to read this post and drool over it like it's a copy of Penthousee aren't they? said...

Hope ya has a good time at the Bluegrass festival. Pictures would be nice yes. Thank you for being ever so thoughtful.

The Pirate said...

Yes, tool pics have nearly the same effect as Penthouse. I love my new tools. I just went down and peeked at them not ten minutes ago...

The Jamboree was great, Newfie. I just downloaded pics and am working on a post...

Mr. Bud said...

it's not that i care so much about your nuts, it's if when you turned the swich the light came on..?

or did all the rest of the lights in the house go off?

nightmeres about the kiss from the queen. i may need therapy.

The Pirate said...

Lights stayed on! Today the new fixture gets mounted under a floor joist...

I suggest beer therapy at Keweenaw Brewery.