Saturday, August 11, 2007

Superior Adventure

Thanks to LL's reminder, PW, LP and the pirate mutt walked down to the abandoned copper mine right behind our property to watch the night skies. In a matter of minutes we saw maybe 10 Perseids and a satellite. After walking back, PW went to bed, so LP and I walked down the hill a ways and lay in the road. This time the two of us saw no less than 4 satellites, a dozen Perseids and making an appearance as icing on the cake, the International Space Station, closely followed by what we thought was the Space Shuttle as it caught up to the ISS. I've checked the human space flight and STS 118 mission update pages and see that I'm a bit behind in the mission-they have already docked and even completed a space walk.

Well, it seems that one of those two satellites was the ISS/STS 118 docked and the other must be a satellite that keeps an eye on the ISS, because it held the same heading/speed and was less than an inch away, in the sky. Funny though, it isn't shown on any of the real-time tracking tools NASA offers, including the J-pass ones.

Anyway, it was a wonderful end to a great day. We drove North, up the Keweenaw Peninsula, along the Lake Superior shoreline, today.
It was a gorgeous drive along Cliff Drive, below the basalt cliffs

and Eagle River, of course stopping by the historic courthouse where PW and I were married.

Then we hit the Jampot, run by the Byzantine monks who live on the shore up there. PW and LP each got a giant muffin and we brought back a jar of one of their KILLER jams.

We kept going along Great Sand Bay and up past Cat Harbor, before turning back and opting not to head up Brockway Mnt.

We stopped back at Great Sand Bay
and walked the beach for a while, finding a bunch of teenagers who had damned up a small creek flowing into the lake for a few minutes, then quickly built an impressive sand castle city. On our return walk they let the creek go and watched it fill their man-made rivers, moats and lakes. Just as quickly it overran their city and wiped everything away. Mother Nature is the same on any scale and people who live along large rivers just don't seem to get this were my thoughts as we walked away. Before leaving, I took a picture to tease the Queen:)

Driving back South, we stopped to visit something I have passed by a million times, but never stopped to explore-the lookout tower on the cliffs above the Phoenix Mine. I didn't get a picture of it from below, so this will have to do:

However, I did take a few from the tower and the view was awesome.

I was surprised to find that it is like a little house some dude built for everyone to enjoy. It has two floors inside and a platform on top. It's equiped with stove, sink, fridge, lights, one futon bed and is trimmed completely in wood. The lights and fridge are powered by a little windmill on the very top. We signed a small guestbook laying on the counter, before leaving. It was a long hike up the cliff, but worth it once we reached this little hideaway. I am tempted to hike up and camp there one night.


Mr. Bud said...

You shovel 300" of snow and there is no steady employment, why in gods name do you live there?

no city lights and this is the back yard... nuff said.
I'm glad youse guys got out to play!

Newfie'sWoman said...

Totally awesome pictures ya got!!!!!! Thank you..And me hopes ya had a great time.

Heidi said...

Glad you got to see everything, on the ground and in the skies. Sounds like you had a great time.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Gorgeous! Damn, if you are going to get married in a courthouse that is definitely the courthouse to do it in.

So, how far is the Keweenaw Peninsula? I'm thinking of surprising The King with a trip to Michigan to see UofM play Ohio State in the next couple of years (depending on which year they play at The Big House) and it would be cool to make a whole week of it.

Mr. Bud said...

yeah, um, when i was livin in menlo park, a friend visited and said can we go to mexico? it's on the border isn't it?
well.. the UP's it's own state, wa-mich-a-sconsin.

dude, you kids are playing today... no?

Maeve said...

Next week I go home for my sister's wedding.
I've already started begging my brother to bring me some pastys.

Maeve said...

Gah! Why the HELL did I move from Mich.???
Your photos make me so home sick.

The Pirate said...

Yesterday was paid for today. I've spent the bulk of it wrestling with the beast, one last time.

mr Bud, thanks for the tip on the fan control! I HAVE FURNACE!!

Q-It is a beautiful little courthouse, right on the lake and next to a gorgeous waterfall.

It's only about 10 hour drive/2.9 hour flight from A-squared to the Keweenaw. The second half of the drive up is beautiful.

Maeve-I find it hard to understand why people leave, unless they want a job, that is. I had a pasty from at the Hut Inn. in Calumet during that road trip:) Sorry.

Mr. Bud said...

dude, if it blows, i'm on it.
pirate fan club.

went back out at 1:30 and it was raining meteors. to cool. and they were going up.. like you said?? curious.