Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tommy Tool's Tiny Dick is a DANGER TO SOCIETY

Yesterday, a guy named Tommy Peele, who fancies himself an investigative reporter, or journalist at Contra Costa Times, chose to use his position in an attempt to ruin a friend of mine and fellow blogger and blacken the eye of the California National Guard by citing the fact that he maintains a website where he posts dark and sometimes offensive material. Things like this always confuse me at first. Why/how can someone take the time and effort to personally attack someone else for no apparent reason?

It’s a simple equation, really. Take one uptight, humorless little man with a penis the size of a half-eaten, bite-size tootsie roll and give him a job where he can say anything he chooses and people will believe him because he's in print, where he can use insinuation and innuendo to ruin another man and that equals trouble. Investigative journalist he fancies himself. His latest piece smacks of something other than investigative and journalism, for that matter. He took one mans humor and used it try and turn people and specifically his employer, against him. Used it to try to ruin him. Printed allegations that his jokes make him a danger to society and the people he serves. Insinuated that his tongue-in-cheek comments are, in fact reality and therefore a physical danger to others. Please.

I found no investigation in the article. Tommy Poole states Travis Gruber has a website where he posts humorous writings and that this is reason to have him removed from his position in the California National Guard as a personal assistant and driver to a general and got a few, old ex-military to agree with him by pulling out select quotes from Travis’ website out of context. He states that Mr. Gruber needs to be removed because-GASP-someone might ask his opinion about something and that he would be promoted in the future. If a man performs his job well and warrants promotion, why should a free society question this?

Indeed, his current position is most likely due to exemplary performance on the job. The hack job perpetrated by Tommy Tool ignores Mr. Gruber's service record and instead calls into question the entire California National Guard's selection process because Mr. Gruber has a dark and razor sharp wit about him and chose to anonymously publish it. Why was this not investigated and reported on by a so-called investigative reporter? Did Tommy Tool do his job and choose to hide the truth, or did he arbitrarily smear Travis Gruber out of malice, ignoring the ethical and moral tenants of journalism from the beginning?

Vilifying a man based on having a sense of humor and a position in the military at the same time, while completely ignoring his service record? One does not have to look hard to see that the motivations for such a piece are rotten to the core. He's not worried about the Governor, the General Mr. Gruber drove around town, or the good state of California. If he were, the article would have been about his history of Travis voting democratic, his violent felony arrests, or lousy driving record, not his sense of humor. No, sadly Tommy is just a mean, little man who feels the need to hurt others for his own pleasure and male enhancement. Get a bottle of Enzyte, dude.

I defy little Tommy Stool to stand up, grab a handful of tootsie roll and say he perpetrated this farce for the good of anything, other than his career, or an obsessive hatred of Mr. Gruber that he has yet to explain. I think the man obviously has a very tiny dick and desperately needs to prove himself by attempting to bring down people and institutions better and yes, bigger than he, in order to feel more like a man. Tommy wants recognition, a penis, readers and he wants to use Travis Gruber to get it. He comes across as pure, 100% undiluted asshole to me. I cannot help but wonder why he chose Travis Gruber and his blog, though. His allegations that Travis Gruber is dangerous are weak to the point of being farcical, so why the stretch? What motivated him to toss this hail mary pass specifically at Travis and the California National Guard in an attempt to enlarge his tootsie roll?

My first guess was that at some point in the past Travis must have boinked his girlfriend, but given Tommy's childish attempt at ruining Travis's career, I suspect Tommy's never had a real girlfriend and instead pays to have his little tootsie roll unwrapped under freeway overpasses and dark alleys. (Not that there's anything wrong with that). So, I can only conclude that Travis ran over his cat, puked on his shoes at a party, kicked his pansy ass in a bar fight, or that Tommy has a sick crush on the little girl in the family circus cartoons and took major offense to Travis' portrayal of her on his website. It's that, or the tiny dick theory, people. Take your pick.

Finally, It is worth noting that in the year, I’ve been acquainted with Travis, he has not once mentioned his position in the military. He kept his private and professional lives well separated. He didn’t blog as member of the Guard and kept his views and humor anonymous, hurting nobody until a joke of a reporter attempted to use them to ruin a good man and a helluva funny guy.

The good Queen has kindly created a generic login for anyone interested in reading the article and I am going to steal it. Isn’t she great? Go say thank you

Password: tmbg8624

I urge you to comment on the article at the bottom.

In addition, if you find the attack as offensive as I, here is the contact information for Tommy. Give him the hell he deserves.

Thomas Peele
investigative reporter (ha, ha)
Contra Costa Times/MediaNews Group
fax: 925-933-0239

and Travis? I apologize for calling you Mr. Gruber. You can crush my windpipe, now.


Queen of Dysfunction said...

Get a bottle of Enzyte, dude.

Indeed. I hope this guy's fellow reporters give him a swirly.

LC said...

Or draw and quarter him. That article is an outrage- and a joke.

The Pirate said...

The article is obviously nothing more than a personal attack and an attempt at recognition through sensationalism. The more I learn of Mr Peele and his sources, the more I think he should be sued. What a piece of human garbage. I sincerely hope somebody has the opportunity to ruin his life in the same fashion that he attempted to ruin Travis Gruber's.

LeeAnn said...

Love your rantings but hate the reason why you had to say it, in the first place. God, I hate hack jobs and hack reporters. I left a comment on the Contra Costa Times site but refuse to email the idiot that wrote the article. So where can I get that coffee mug?

Anonymous said...

I agree it was a personal attack. I also think it was an attack on a person with poor judgment and a lack of concern for whom he embarrasses. was a poor man's Maddox crying desperately for someone to pay attention to half-formed ideas and a transparent attempt to gain fame without talent. The only people rushing to this douche bag's defense are his myspace friends.

Maybe it was personal, but I don't see how that quantifies the "Kill the messenger" spam that's flooded every message board concerning this. All this proves is that Mr. Gruber has influence over like-minded idiots who would actively support a fucking douche bag.

If they string him up by the nuts, the nation is going to smile. He's been painted as racist and bigoted in the media and "He was so nice in high school" and "But he's so funny" aren't going to quell the fact that he lacked discretion and respect while in a sensitive position and held his quest to become the next Maddox in higher regard than the lives and careers of those around him.

Congratulations at being the number one site on Google when you search for this loser. While you are at it, maybe you could delete this comment since it doesn't serve your idiotic agenda.

The Pirate said...

it took an asshole with a grudge and a hack reporter to embarrass anyone who was embarrassed. Mr Gruber was fairly anonymous until that point. Don't know who Maddox is, but whether or not Travis has talent is matter of opinion. His motivations are his own and your speculation is pointless. I "ran" to his defense and I'm not one of his myspace friends. Oh shit, I take that back, I am now. Sorry, Trav, you're a great mysace friend-thanks for the avatar, buddy:)

The "kill the messenger" mentality stems from the fact that the messenger is a douchebag and was unethical in publishing nothing more than a personal attack and a transparent attempt at giving the ca. guard a black eye. Travis is a humorist and I doubt has any "influence" over anyone except maybe his dog. Don't assume anyone who is not "like-minded" as you is an idiot. You make people like you look bad.

Finally, I'm getting tired of typing, but I'm not happy about being the number one site for googling Mr. Gruber. I wish his site was-he deserves the readers, being much more talented and funnier than I. Feel free to come back and comment. Lively debate, insults and potty humor are always welcome. Ciao.