Monday, August 20, 2007

Deano Watch: Day five

We're at anchorage six miles out from Fourchon and likely stuck here for several days. Seems they can't find us a parking spot. Typical onshore planning. Going to get bumpy in a few days. At least I have cell coverage and was able to speak with PW, both my girls and mr. bud.

Speaking of the girls, LP's zero bullshit tolerance tries my patience when at sea. Granted, she's not really into talking on the phone and I should consider that a blessing if it continues for the next 13 yrs, or so, but when you add in her zero bullshit tolerance it gets frustrating. Example:
Today she has a friend over (rare occurrence) and is a little feisty and hyper. PW is a little under the weather. So, when I call, there's a little tension in the air and to top it off LP spills her second drink. I ask to speak to her and proceed to suggest maybe she slows down a little and thinks things through before she acts. I hear, "talk to him." KLUNK. She dropped the phone somewhere and just walked away. No tolerance for my bullshit, whatsoever. She knows I'm 4 weeks and 2,000 miles away so she has nothing to worry about and doesn't need to listen to me. If I could only remember to tan her hide when I get home next month and steel myself to do it after not seeing her for 5 weeks-yeah, right.

Back to training and galaxy classification-got this puppy about 20 mins ago...

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Queen of Dysfunction said...

You need a surrogate butt-beater for LP. (just kidding!)