Saturday, August 18, 2007

Deano Watch: Day three

Not much to report. Seas are calm, skies are sunny with a few bright, puffy clouds. Saw an isolated squall to the south this morning during my pre-shift coffee on the starboard shelter deck. I've noticed the sea birds are bunching up around the ship more than normal, including a few guys that look like pelicans. I assume they know bad weather is in the wind.
We're finishing off the last of our work here and beginning to pick up our gear off the sea floor in anticipation of getting the fuck out of Dodge in the next 24, or so. If all goes according to plan and Deano tracks West into Mexico, we should head for port in Fourchon, LA., a backwater shithole of a port with one freaking bar a LONG walk from the quay. I hate Fourchon, but it's dry land and maybe a warm beer, or three.

I'm thinking of starting a lat/long landfall pool here on the ship. Worries here are limited to things like will the new cook get seasick and not cook us dinner, or will it be too rough to pee standing up. Here's the latest 1-2-3 image (not good) and 5 day forecast cone (not bad). Despite the high pressure ridge sliding down from the northeast over Florida and the lack of systems from the West over Mexico, I realize that what Deano does coming off the Yucatan is at best, an educated guess and worse a roll of loaded dice. I got caught with my pants down in 2005 by Wilma and don't fancy being trapped against the coast, again. That was definitely a sit down to pee experience.


Mr. Bud said...

BBQ @ H2O tonight. LP is such a QT. We are using combined brain power to will deano away.

number 1 son, stuck on satriani tonight.. same lineup. just wierd.

no water skiing or deck skateboarding till after the storm. eh?

The Pirate said...

Hey man. major homesickness between talking to PW and your comments:( H2O BBQ sounds really nice right about now.

Instrument room is deserted and we're essentially done-time to G.T.F.O.O.D.

I'll hoist one for you in Fourchon...

ps Joe's the man.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

You know, you could keep the whole "peeing standing up thing" to yourself. I mean, it's really insensitive of you to wave that ability in the face of your female readers for whom conditions involving flat seas and a handicap rail would be too rough to pee standing up. Without getting it all over our socks and shoes anyway.

The Pirate said...

Yeah, I can be insensitive like that.

Once, I peed on my shoes. I think it involved a bottle of tequila and several unforgiving lemons at a place of ill-repute in Curacao.