Thursday, January 3, 2008

Beyond frustration

I've gone beyond frustration to that warm, happy place called "I No Longer Give A Shit". I've got half the phd's on the planet working on the issues I'm facing out here and nobody has any answers. Time to kick back and smell the roses, everything that can be done has been done and now we have to wait....and wait.........and wait.

As usual, the weather is much worse than the predicted forecast. We've turned tail and hauled ass behind New Zealand, seeking shelter off the Eastern coast. Even in the lee, it's a bit rough, though. The duration of the storm has also outstripped the forecast and our back-up plan has been extended. Hopefully, soon we will turn for the prospect and get back to business!

With the recent stresses of work, I took to smoking a bit, even while on The Patch. Upon entering the city limits of I No Longer Give A Shit, I stopped again, and am now even using a lower-dose patch. The urge to smoke is gone, along with the urge to repeatedly bang my head against the bulkhead. Now all I have to do is get back in the gym and threaten the cooks with bodily harm if they continue to bake pastries, pies and cookies.

So, It's back to work and daydreaming about days like this:


Freddie said...

What a beautiful photo.

Looks like a nice place to be.

Heidi said...

We all day dream about days like that, and we don't have the stressful jobs as you do.

Enjoy "I No Longer Give A Shit" for me too. I miss it there. Tell the locals at the bar hello from Cali.

Anonymous said...

Sitting here on the left coast. Hurricane force winds, torrential rain, blizzard conditions in the mountains. Glad I'm not on a ship.

The Pirate said...

Saw that storm-you guys are in for it! Hunker down with a brandy...