Friday, January 11, 2008

Regularly scheduled programming

Every once in a while some asshole who shouldn't get under your skin does just that. LL's right, "Fuck em. Drive on."

Driving on, the road is getting bumpy out here, AGAIN. This is one gawd-awful place to work. Winds and seas are increasing, quickly. I suspect it won't be long and we'll be running NE for shelter, again. It's getting difficult to keep my chair at the desk and shit keeps hitting the floor, or banging on the bulkheads.

I did another 13.5KM on the elliptical yesterday after shift, working up several blisters and a sore hip-the latter kept me up till about 7m, a fact I began to bemoan at exactly 10:45pm when my alarm went off. Between the lack of sleep and the rolling ship, I am exhausted and cranky. Breakfast is served in 15 minutes. I hope they've got chili, or something else spicy to wake me up, but I bet it's something like pancakes and a casserole, again. Did i mention we received a small care shipment from our chase boat? We took our jet-powered rescue boat over there and brought back several loads of fruits and vegetables. We've had bowls of cherries in the mess for the last 3 days and boy are they good. Lots of plums, apples and a ton of fruits I am unfamiliar with and have discovered I don't like. Ever had a leeche? They suck.

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