Sunday, January 13, 2008

The other side

Storm's over and we are picking up the pieces, literally. It was intense and fortunately ended after only a little over 24 hours. We recorded sustained winds of over 70 knots, or 88 mph, which is a force 12 on the Beaufort Scale and a category 1 hurricane, to boot.

Though it wasn't named since it's out in the middle of southern nowhere, I am officially chalking up an other hurricane on my list. This one managed to get me, too. After all these years and hurricanes at sea , I finally took a digger. A pair of waves heeled us over pretty good at about 50 degrees and I attempted to vacate my chair as it slid backwards into the desk 15 feet behind me. I stepped on a metal rod that slid out from under my desk and went down on my face. When the ship rolled back, I slid forward into my filing cabinet and drove the little button on my ball cap into the top of my head. Fuck me, it still hurts!

Anyway, we have a lot of damaged equipment to repair and recover from the sea, yet. Ciao.

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Jay said...

Crap dude. That's scary. I don't think I would enjoy that at all!