Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Music to my ears?

The wind is freaking howling. Lines and rigging vibrating; a discordant, shrieking symphony that can be heard from all corners of the ship. A line banging against the bulkhead next to my bunk all damn night, an off-beat, base drum accompanying the demented string section, topside.

Our shelter, the NZ coast, no longer offers such as the winds have now shifted to the SW. We're in for 2-3 more days of this, too. Fortunately, the winds have stayed below 50 knots for the most part. Still, I am damn tired of the shitty weather down here. Tired of sitting down to pee, having to keep at least one hand-hold in the shower and stumbling around like a drunken idiot when I drag my sorry ass out of the rack every night.

Typical for an operation such as mine-as soon as I managed to get everything sorted and running smoothly, we've run into a problem with generating something incredibly simple that we've never had a simple solution for in all the years we've been out here doing this type of work-a label. A damn sticky label to slap on our final product. R&D expects us to generate our products with a 50 million dollar computer system and then label said product with a fucking crayon.

While stewing on this issue, the database I run under decided it was full and will not let me continue with this project. Just shut me down, cold. In this area, I know just enough to be dangerous, so I've put in a call for help to our engineers onshore. Waiting............................

In other news, with all the problems for this project sorted (until just now), I'm back in the gym instead of working 16 hr shifts. Despite a long break, I managed to knock out 13.5 KM in only an hour on the elliptical machine, yesterday. I've still got over 100KM to Taunton, but I'm hopeful. The medic says the next challenge involves the number of times you can scale and return from the peak of Mount Everest, using the ship's stairs. Sounds painful.

Finally, in order to come full circle in this post-music:

I was never a big Elvis Costello fan. Actually I was never a fan, at all. I've recently re-discovered Elvis via the ship's digital music collection. I downloaded Very Best of Elvis Costello (Polygram International) and damned if can't stop listening to it, over and over. The guy's an incredible songwriter. Pure genius.

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Mr. Bud said...

Elvis C rocks. I even have vinyl. damn. now i feel old. he does not sound like rigging.

w/ fam tonight. poo poo platter night. (last wed visit b4..) all doing well.

I've decided to wait to marry LP. true, i'll be 70 when she's 20 but i'm patient.