Monday, January 28, 2008

Pardon the Dust

Pardon me while I play with the layout and a bunch of widgets in the sidebar. I really liked the idea of having my music playing on the site, but as I've always got music playing and the headphones on as soon as I turn on the laptop, all that damn playlist widget does is interrupt me, when I come here. This after I took the time to manually add some 400 songs to it!

Still, I love the idea of exchanging musical tastes and does one find the likes of Solas, Sufjin Stevens and Yann Teirson if someone doesn't tell you, "Hey, solas is the best Celtic out there, Sufjin wrote a tune about John Wayne Gacy Jr. (BLONDIE) and the violin in Yann's 7-PM is mesmerizing."?? Maybe you find it in their little widget...

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