Thursday, January 17, 2008

This Pirate is not a plumber

It was bound to happen. I made the mistake of mentioning it should be a quiet cruise up to crew-x. Nope. A multi-person fuck up has left me a rather complicated mess to sort out before crew-x. Instead of putting my feet up and reveling in the fact that I busted my ass the last week getting everything sorted early, I get to beat my head against the bulkhead for the next 5 days. It is amazing that after 10 years out here, people still manage to shit the bed in new and unique ways, then dump their stinking pile of crap in my lap. I'm not the plumber. I'm not supposed to be so people can screw up on purpose because it might be easier to let me fix it than to do their job, dammit.

Any-fucking-way, I'm supposed to get off in 5 days and allegedly at the harbour in Lyttelton, which is good since there's no way in hell the seas will calm down enough to land a chopper, or pull another ship alongside. This harbour has several berths and from the layout I've seen, the most likely quay is number 7. It just happens to have a WEBCAM and if you tune in sometime around midday on the 23rd, you just might get a glimpse of the pirate doing cartwheels down the gangway as he's headed for the nearest pub and a double-shot of ice-cold vodka.


Jay said...

I love webcams. I look at webcams all over the world all the time. Really cool to watch the world go by through the computer.

Only 5 days left? It's almost over dude!

Heidi said...

Cartwheels would be good. And I'm with you on the plumber thing. I guess it's better that than the trash man though.