Friday, January 11, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

Yesterday I get this email that asks me why I bother to blog. Tells me that I should stop, I have nothing to offer anyone, my site is pointless, etc. Apparently I missed the memo directing me to be socially responsible and offer only worthwhile material like a primer on needlepoint, and how-to-clean your fucking piece of shit oil-burning, money sucking bastard of a furnace. Now, I'm a nice guy so I won't hammer on the poor schmuck who took the time to offer me an honest, if somewhat hard-line assessment of my site. What I will do is just point out a few things.

1. This is MY blog and as I read the fine print, I can write whatever I feel.


3. Right at the top of this site are two small clues as to the content and purpose of this site. The title should suggest something to anyone who reads it. I'm not too bright and write here when I have too much time on my hands. Underneath is a short statement that succinctly sums up the site and should alleviate any expectations you might have about worthwhile content. It does not read "SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE WEBSITE WHOSE SOLE PURPOSE IS ENLIGHTENMENT OF THE MASSES AND THE CREATIVE ENGINE DESTINED TO BRING ABOUT WORLD PEACE"

4. You have a "back" button on your browser, dude. It's that green arrow in the upper left corner.

5. I've just spent 2.5 hours cruising animal porn sites, dodgey online lenders, black-market pill vendors and the like. At each stop I looked for an opportunity to register with them and used your email address. Did I say I was a nice guy? I lied.

(this site will now return to it's regularly scheduled programming)


LL said...

Dude, why would you give a flying fuck what some random loser has to say?

Drive on and fuck 'em.

Oh, and if you need to, review the definition of "troll."

Jay said...

I wondered where all that spam mail I got this morning came from. Asshole. LOL ;-)

I haven't gotten any hate mail in a while. I'm starting to think I can't offend anyone anymore.

Oh well, it's kind of like "no publicity is bad publicity" or something like that.

Fyremandoug said...

Pirate I have rad your work through the "Cove" and "Faster"
and I love your work
Nuke the Muthafukka and Sail on

You are who you are