Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's all over but the music

Hurricane's over, repair work on the in-sea gear is over, even the paperwork is nearly over. Boredom slowly creeps up as my back is turned...

So, I'm looking at my last.fm profile page and my overall listening habits for 2008 and I see that KISS and Beethoven are slugging it out at number 17! I think in the end Ludvig will pound the demon rockers, but either way, a drunken Dean Martin hasn't a chance to pick himself up from the floor at number 117, even if I do like that Maria song, as well as good, stiff drink now and then...


Jay said...

I can't believe you're hatin' on Dean-O like that. He'd probably be near the top on mine.

The Pirate said...

Actually, I love Dean-O, but I've only got a few recordings of his and I keep getting so much new music that my old stuff gets less attention. He still gets played, but my collection is something like 3 YEARS worth of non-stop music and growing...
Sorry pal, have another martini on me;)

Mr. Bud said...

hmmmm. why does this list look so familiar? why is music ground zero when shit happens?
Just loaded #1 son's portable HD with the song list for the trip. 111 gig. how do you spell 'eclectic'?

because i'm old..
Britney Spears sucks. deleted
Hanna Montana sucks. deleted
RAP sucks. (tried to delete, but my son's gonna be a lawyer)
Barney sucks. (never had him)

on the lighter side, we rediscovered..
Big Band
Bob Marley
The English Beat
Joe Walsh
Thomas Dolby
& Boy George (member that dude?)

You have to be in the right mood for dean-o and blue eyes. as soon as you have a martini in your hand...

The Pirate said...

Find a recording of Joe Walsh and James Taylor, together, at Eric Clapton's first Crossroads concert in Brazil-it will blow you away.

Mr. Bud said...

yup. that's how Joe Walsh came back to being.