Friday, January 18, 2008

Inclement weather

Due to inclement weather onboard (internal shit storm), blogging will be temporarily suspended until I get some things sorted and step on dry land, next week. Promise an update from shore if my hotel has wireless!

ps. I'd rather another hurricane than this shit.

pps. personal thank you to Travis, Jack, Heidi and Steph for keeping me amused and on an even keel when things here were totally falling apart. You folks didn't know it, but I desperately needed that very entertaining and humorous exchange to keep from going off the deep end, yesterday.


Heidi said...

Sorry about the weather, and I hope it clears up soon. Weather never kept a good pirate down.

Mr. Bud said...

ok, i'm on my way out canal to a plow job. Black truck right, feeling monsterous. And here it comes. 3rd time i've seen this thing. It is bigger then a 4-6-4 Steam locamotive. Clears 1 & 1/2 lanes plus the shoulder.. 1 foot on the road. doing near 50. it took 2 minutes for the snow dust to settle and my hood and backend were full. I swear. next time i'm bringing the camera. This sucker is more a legend then big foot.

and how was your day?

Mr. Bud said...

oh, ps. I want one.

and you need one.

pw said...

Where r u

Snog Dot said...

Glad we could help a little!!

Last I heard - off the coast of New Zealand.