Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The outskirts of Dodge

We're sort of in the suburbs of Dodge, not quite outta, yet. It's rough, real rough. The towed gear is taking a pounding and it's quite unpleasant onboard. Sleeping was a bit of a bear yesterday, what with all the banging and crashing around in my cabin. Everything is stowed, or tied down, but the loose items in the medicine cabinet and my locker were having a field day. I got up this morning to find my shaving cream and toothpaste having sex in the corner, with the voyeuristic Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap watching the whole affair.

Also woke up tired from the whole staying wedged in the rack thing. We've had swell off the stern quarter and it's rolling us, badly. This doesn't bode well for the bunks orientated in-line with the keel. With a little over 100KM to go before NZ gives us her lee, it's going to be a long night of holding onto the desk while typing. Most of the crew are idle while the operation is shut down. Not me. I've still got to keep my operations humming in this crap. Unfortunately, certain bits of my system react unfavorably to swaying and getting slammed around. Makes for a long night of mothering all the bits and bobs, cajoling them into working and giving them lovin' when they get bent out of shape.

On the bright side of things, I finally have all aspects of my operation up and running smoothly, disregarding the heavy seas. I can finally turn to the paperwork, getting work instructions, handover notes and a final report started, in preparation for getting the hell out of here. This has not been one of my better trips, to say the least. I can only thank my lucky stars that the young trainee they saddled me with has proven to be more than competent and helped to ease the burden whilst shit hit the fan over the holidays and into last week.

Oh, GOOD LORD!! Here comes the damn bubblegum pop crap over the instrument room stereo. Everyone's looking my way to see if I break out the fire axe hangin just outside my door. Other people's fucking kids. I'm going for 3 O'clock tea. Later.


Fyremandoug said...

Find some OZZY and crank it up loud

qofd said...

I can't believe that a guy that takes 3 'o' clock tea has a problem with bubblegum pop crap.

The Pirate said...

I see now that I "painted" myself in a corner and you've just taken up the brush and whacked me across the face with it. I've paint on my face,scone crumbs in my beard and nowhere to hide.

Mr. Bud said...

oooh. just you wait. LP's gonna want NSYNC and High School Musical on her player some day. It is painful.

The Pirate said...

and that's the day she gets Bach, Alison Krauss and Joe Satriani...

Anonymous said...

3 doors down and
Al DiMeaola and
Alan Jackson and
Arlo Guthrie and
B2K and
Bare Naked Ladies and
Béla Fleck and
Bon Jovi and
Bonnie Raitt and
Boston and
Carole King and
Chumbawamba and
Counting Crows and
CCR and
CSN&Y and
Dire Straits and
Dixie Chicks and
Doc Watson and
Warren Zevon and
ZZ Top

it's all about brain-rinsing as apposed to washing...
damn, i'd make a nasty uncle.

Mr. Bud said...

oops, now i'm anonymous

The Pirate said...

not so anonymous- i immediately recognized the taste in music:)

PW said...

Had poo-poo platter with the boys tonight, dropped the doggy bag off to BP.....
Looks like we're goin west this summer:)
love ya
miss ya too